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Dubai – The Traveling Jewel Of The Middle East

Imagine a day when everything you ever heard or knew about Dubai proved to be wrong. The day may not be that far away if you happen to be one of those who had travelled the city a long time ago. In that case, your mind must have an impression of an old desert city where caravans still roam on half made roads. The desert winds still scorch the back of citizens and often force them to stay in house. Well, you are about to be proven wrong big time. You will surely enjoy your tour to Dubai and may do so more than others as all your misconceptions will go down the drain.

Today, Dubai stands as one of the busiest and arguably the most famous tourism spot in the entire Middle East region. Things you are going to find here might make you feel on top of the world. Well – you can literally feel that way when you are in the building. There are a number of things to do during your stay at Dubai. It would be better to start your journey by renting a car of your choice and taking a tour across the city. This will not only let you know about the city better but will also fulfill the desire to take a ride in your dream car. Don’t worry, you will find plenty of car rental companies offering lucrative and luxury car brands in Dubai. Here is more on things you can do during your Dubai stay:

Exploring The Malls

You will find a number of reasons to fall in love with Dubai. The place is buzzing with lucrative shopping malls having different brands for clothing, footwear and jewelry. If you are more into precious metals, paying a visit to places like Gold Souk, Dubai Mall and Souk Madinat Jumeirah will surely grab your attention. You will find innovate, exquisite and one of a kind gold made jewelry here. Some of the brands are handmade which will leave you astounded. The jewelry available is unique in a number of ways. The craftsmanship and details will surely move you.

On your way back to home, you will also come across beaches and shores. After a long and tiring day filled with touring and shopping, it makes sense to spend some time sitting at the shore and gearing up for the next day.

After all, there is still a lot to do to make your Dubai tour one of a kind and memorable.