5 Tips On Building Customer Loyalty In Social Media

In the world of digital marketing, having loyal followers is a major brand boost. These individuals serve as your brand spokesperson and also your defenders. Their testimonials can serve as proof of your competency and their recommendations can lead to gaining more followers.

But getting your customer’s trust is a lot of hard work. In fact, you need to put a lot of effort to win their loyalty and become your brand cheerleaders and bodyguards. If you intend to gain the confidence of your public, these tips from a reputable social media agency in UAE might be able to help you:

  1. Humanize your brand page

One of the biggest mistakes of digital marketers and brands is making their social media channels look and feel like a brand. People get it that you are selling them something, but if they are not able to relate to what you are trying to portray, you are lowering your chances of getting their trust. Instead of creating content that focused on the brand, give the audience a peek of your daily grind as a company. This would make the page more relatable and human.

  1. Listen your followers’ insights

If you have thousands of followers in your social media pages, it is hard to track the comments and feedbacks. But set aside time to read their comments and provide answers to inquiries and complaints. Providing feedback will make your target audience feel empowered, that their voices are being heard. Do not use generic replies that would make the audience feel that they are getting an automated response. Instead, make it more personal and distinct. It would be best if you have a dedicated personnel that can help in monitoring these comments.

  1. Offer rewards

Do you know the concept of equivalent exchange? Basically, to get something in return, you must give something of value. The same goes in building customer loyalty. Your public wants to know if they are getting something by being loyal to your brand. Offering rewards for specific actions (e.g. liking the page, sharing content, etc.) will further engage your followers and can result to earning their trust.

  1. Try using user-generated content

Brand-centric posts do not fare well with social media users since they see this all the time. But a user-generated post can help make the brand more relatable to people, making the page relevant. Try to vary your social media content – from brand posts to repurposed content that features your items.

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