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Things you need to know before booking a desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is no less than a wonderland. It is a perfect blend of modernism and tradition, beaches and skyscrapers. Hundreds and hundreds of people around the world visit Dubai due to its magic. It is known around the world for shopping, beached, crazy architecture, food and most importantly the famous desert safari in Dubai. Desert Safari in Dubai is on the top of the list of all the tourists. Here is a list of 5 things you need to be mindful of while booking a desert safari

Booking Yourself

Here is the most obvious one but you need to know that there are numerous operators in Dubai who are there to offer you various safari packages in Dubai. And no, all packages are not the same. They range from a basic one being the safari trip, then you can add on a list of activities that you want to do, the famous buffet dinner or any sports or the entertainment night. Prices vary accordingly. So, do a fair bit of research before you land on the perfect package.

The Contact Number

You need to have the right contact numbers with you at all times. You can find them easily on the website or reception of your hotel. Although the trip is very safe, you never know.

Pricing Details of the Ticket

Desert Safari in Dubai is not as expensive as people assume it to be. Try this and you will find out that it starts as low as 75 AED and hikes up depending on the package and the activities chosen. However, even if you choose the most expensive package, it will surely be worth every single penny.

Be Mindful of the Timings

Know the timings and make sure to be ready half an hour prior to the time frame to avoid any inconvenience. Most of the desert safari in Dubai start at 4pm and end at 10pm (the evening ones). Time can vary of course, depending on the operator chosen but most of them are at the same time.

Booking Dubai Excursions

You can choose from a variety of different online and offline options. If you want to add any additional activity or activities, then make sure you inform the operator beforehand.

We hope that you have a very happy, adventurous and magical experience of desert safari in Dubai. Good Luck!!! Don’t forget to take a little magic away with you.