2018 Wedding Trends For Couples Tying The Knot This Year

Every couple wants their wedding to be a memorable one. They want their guest to remember how special this day is for them, so these couples make it a point to discover new trends that would make their Big Day an affair to remember.

For 2018, wedding fads and trends would center on timeless classics with a twist. Top Dubai wedding planners round up a number of wedding trends that would make it big this year. If you and your partner are walking down the aisle this 2018, these wedding fads might give you an excellent idea for your upcoming event.

  • Something old

For a few years now, a lot of couples preferred to have their weddings outdoors, like the beach or somewhere close to nature. But this year, the party will be back indoors like what our parents used to do. But there is a modern twist to it. Instead of traditional and old-fashioned banquet halls, most wedding receptions that will be booked are spaces that are creatively designed to meet the couple’s taste for adventure. Industrial, loft-style spaces and open spaces would be the next big thing in terms of wedding receptions.

  • Something new

Most of the new trends are centered on big things, like the wedding dress and the wedding venue. But little details are as important as the big ones. This 2018, weddings are expected to be detail-oriented – from the extravagant wedding stage decoration to the intricate place cards. These small wedding details will be served as creatively as possible, making weddings more distinct and memorable.

  • Something borrowed

The usual setup for floral arrangement in ceremonial venues and reception are arranged centerpieces and bouquets. But this year, wedding flower arrangement will take an interesting turn. Instead of floral arrangement for the aisle design, it will be potted blooms that you can literally borrow from someone else’s garden. Florists would definitely need to get in touch with their trusted gardeners to provide them with potted plants that they can use for the ceremony and aisle design. They will simply glamorize the pots with silk and textured linen to make it look classy.

  • Something blue

Something blue refers to the color motif of the years which centers on moody accents and pieces. Bright colors would be hardly used as many couples prefer to have a darker and moody setting. Texture will also play a big part of this year’s wedding trends as designers would use patterned linens and pieces to add an interesting touch in the reception.

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