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The importance of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is extremely important considering that it assists in the restoration of movement and function if an individual is affected by injury, illness or disability. Most importantly, it helps reduce the risk of such an occurrence in the future.

Home physiotherapy Dubai is meant to help people of all ages. Most importantly, there are a variety of conditions related to health that it can be used to treat or at least manage. These include:

  1. Conditions affecting joints, soft tissues and bones – these are typically inclusive of shoulder pain, back pain, sports injuries and neck pain.
  2. Conditions affecting the brain or nervous system – any issues with movement that are triggered by multiple sclerosis, stroke or even Parkinson’s disease can be managed by physiotherapy.
  3. Conditions affecting the lungs – this includes conditions like the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis.


The fact is that physiotherapy can prove to be extremely important in terms of improving the individual’s physical activity. It also helps prevent the onset of further injuries. In case you do not know, physiotherapy can only be administered by a trained physiotherapist. These professionals are known to work in multi-disciplinary teams that are focused on various areas of medicine. These team work in different settings too that include home visits, GP surgeries, workplaces, sports teams, hospitals, clinics as well as community health centers.

It is the duty of a physiotherapist to take the entire body of the patient into consideration instead of focusing on individualized elements pertaining to their condition. They can play a significant role in helping you acquire knowledge about basic things that can impact your daily life. This includes the right way to lift up heavy objects, posture, and how you can prevent injuries. They can also help you learn about the best exercises focused on helping you improve mobility and different aspects of your health at large. This way, you will get to strengthen specific areas of your body. Apart from that, they also put their hands to use so that any stiffness and pain in the body can be relieved and your body gets encouraged to move.

On the whole, if a physiotherapist finds the need for it in a patient, he can also administer different techniques to help their patient get rid of pain and stiffness from the body. The different techniques that they can make use of are inclusive of hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy and acupuncture. To be honest, their responsibilities are as diverse as those of a baby nurse in Dubai, so make sure that you find one carefully.