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Bad Dental Practices That You Need To Change This 2018

Practicing an excellent dental regimen is easier said than done. In fact, most of us are not very keen on taking care of our pearly whites, only taking action once a dental emergency arises. But this 2018, we need to make dental health on our top list. By ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy, you can have a dental problem-free year and you will be doing your dentist a favor.

Here are some bad dental habits that you need to leave behind this year:

  • Abusing your dentist’s body of work

Your dentist probably did a painstaking job in putting your dental implants in Dubai and solving your other dental issues. After his hard work, your pearly whites look good as new. But this doesn’t mean that you will not take good care of it properly. Abusing your pearly whites after a dental operation would not only ruining the appearance of your teeth, but it can also destroy your dentist’s handiwork. If that happens, you need to go back for another series of appointments and dental procedure.


  • Not maintaining your dental gears

Apart from not having a good dental regimen, there are also instances where we forget to take good care of our dental gears like our toothbrush and Invisalign in Dubai. You need to remember that these dental tools are essential for taking good care of your teeth. Maintaining and taking good care of your toothbrush and aligners is an excellent start in promoting dental health.

  • Not cleaning your tongue

Some people are so focused on cleaning their teeth and gums that they totally forgot about the tongue. Like the other parts of your mouth, your tongue is an essential sensory organ responsible for identifying taste and helps in keeping our mouth clean through saliva production. But this organ also needs some cleaning after a day of eating and snacking. If not properly cleaned or scraped, the bacteria housing in the tongue can be transferred to your teeth, causing dental problems like tooth decay.


  • Snacking badly

The way we eat and the kind of food we are eating can affect your dental health.  Chewing hard food and delicacies can weaken your teeth that can lead to chipping. This year, you need to check your food intake and ensure that what you are eating is good for your dental health. Try to avoid bad chewing habits like biting on pencils and chewing ice.