Some Misconceptions About Relocation Companies

Like every new service, there are several misconceptions revolving around relocation companies. The fact is that relocation companies have been around for a long time now and cannot be called as some new concept. For a service to be around for so many decades, there should be less misconceptions, or at least people should have understood it better. There must be some confusion somewhere or people tend to spread them for some reason. Either way, these misconceptions do exist and it is important to rectify them as soon as possible. Keep in mind that most of these misconceptions can drive customers away. Essentially, this should worry the relocation companies more than the customers as they end up losing customers. The most popular misconception of them all is that every relocation company in Dubai as well as other places charge a lot of money. It may have been true had these people compared their charges with other countries. Within the GCC region, there are countries where people end up paying almost double the charges and are still satisfied with the service. Here are some other misconceptions:

Relocation Services Are Not Safe

A relatively new objection that has been circulating in the market is that some, not all, relocation services are likely to compromise the security of your premises. They argue that since the service and its staff know your current as well as future location, and have access to the area, they are likely to know the facility in and out. They may also know if there is any security solution around or not. If this is the case, they might accidentally leak this information to some customer or person who may have bad intentions. This farfetched theory, as impossible as it sounds, is still making some customers uncomfortable to the extent that they are willing to cancel the contracts. The reason – to protect their new home from burglary or other hazards.

The fact is that it makes no sense to believe in such conspiracy theories. Doing so will not only make your life a problem, it may also cause problems for those who are working their hearts out only to win some customers and a positive reputation in the market.

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