Shared Office Etiquette Every Tenant Needs To Know

The rise of meeting rooms in Dubai opened a number of opportunities for businesses who are looking for an office space without compromising their financial stability. Shared offices enabled starting entrepreneurs to have a place to run their business operations at a very affordable rent.

But since the concept of shared offices is about “sharing” certain protocols and etiquette should be followed to ensure a harmonious working environment for everybody. Here are some the basic office etiquette that every tenant should follow:

  1. Clean after you eat

Most serviced offices for rent in Dubai have a shared eating and pantry space. Every tenant is allowed to use it anytime they want. But it is imperative for all users to keep the space clean as a courtesy to the next user. Although the building’s cleaning team is in-charge of ensuring that the whole facility is clean, it is also the responsibility of the tenants to make sure that the space is tidy. Not cleaning after you eat will not only irk other tenants but you will be the talk of the whole facility.

  1. Do not hog the equipment

Shared offices are offering the use of equipment to tenants – from the copiers to the projectors. Be sure to give other tenants a chance to use it. Hogging the equipment is not fair to other renters as they also paid for it and it is part of their rental package. If you are going to use any office equipment, be sure to schedule it accordingly.

  1. Schedule the use of meeting rooms

Rule number 2 also is applicable in this case. Meeting rooms are free for use of all tenants in the facility. But there are instances when all rooms are fully-booked for use. Do not attempt to steal other’s schedule so you can accommodate your meeting. Be respectful of other’s schedule. If the space is fully-booked, try to find another meeting place where you and your team can meet. And book your spot in advance.

  1. Respect privacy of other tenants

Shared offices promote openness and collaboration, but tenants also need to have their personal space and privacy so they can do their work accordingly. Try not to bother others when they are doing something. If you need to talk to other tenants, ask their permission first and do not barge in their office without knocking.

  1. Initiate a friendly conversation

Although some tenants are on a short-term lease in the facility, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know them a bit. Being friendly would help to build your network. These individuals can help your business in one way or another.