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Installing Bulletproof Windows for Home

Even if you are not a public figure and do not have a large fan following, bulletproof windows for home are the need of the hour. Everyone should secure their homes and vehicles with bulletproof glass so that there can be a sense of peace of mind or security when you are traveling around with your kids. Some criminals will try to break and enter into your home when no one is around so that they can gain access of your belongings. You need to make sure that all your expensive belongings are a tucked away far from sight and especially far from the window w areas. This will ensure that you are not prone to any breaking in crimes. With the increasing popularity of Bullet-proof Windows there are numerous bullet-proof glass installation companies who are reasonable and are very handy for professional installation of bullet-proof windows. Depending on the level of security you are looking for they might even recommend a few bullet-proof glasses. Here are a few things you should know about bulletproof glass:

Cleaning and maintenance:

Bullet-resistant glass is much more different than your average glass and the professionals will know that they cannot be cleaned with the same material that is used to clean your average glass. The threat to bullet-proof glass does not come from the outside but from the cleaning you should not use material that can damage your bullet proof glass to clean it

Bullet-Proof Glass is heavier:

Bullet-proof glass will be much heavier than your average glass due to the added layers of the glass. The bulletproof glass is layered multiple times with dense substances. Although there are different kind of bullet-proof glasses and all of them are made up of different kinds of material, however all bullet-resistant glasses are much heavier than your average glass.


In the olden times when laminated safety glasses were still a new discovery it was fairly easy to distinguish between a resistant glass and an average glass this would make the perpetrator vary. Now however this glass will look the same as any other average glass which makes it much harder to tell which glass is bullet-resistant. The criminals will attempt to harm and will reveal their identity so that proper actions can be taken against them in the state of law. This makes bullet-proof glass all the more important for the general safety of people.