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Better Bedtime Tips For Toddlers

Kids are known to have erratic sleeping patterns, especially from ages 1-4. Since their circadian rhythms are not yet fully adjusted, parents need to be the ones to help them develop a healthy sleeping pattern that can help with their overall development.


If you are having a hard time putting your kids to bed at night and bedtime has become a battle, sleep experts compiled a number of tips that can help your little ones achieve a good night’s sleep:


  • Make their beds feel comfortable


One of the reasons why some kids refuse to go to bed is because their beds are not the most comfortable for them. Some kids even sleep in their parents’ room if they find that the bed there is more to their liking. If this is the case, then it is high time for you to replace your kid’s bed and get him/her something comfortable. It would be hard for you to decide which mattress and bed linen in UAE would suit his/her preference. It would be best if you can take your kid with you when you go mattress-hunting or shopping.


  • Set up a routine


Kids are not like adults who have a particular sleeping or bedtime regimen. At their age, all they know is to play and do the things they love. It is up to the parents to set up a bedtime routine for their kids. Having a bedtime routine can help the kids distinguish when it is time to play and when it is time to sleep. Conditioning their minds by following certain steps would rewire their minds towards sleeping. But keep your routines simple so they can follow instructions and steps easily.


  • Ban gadgets in the room


A lot of studies indicate that using gadgets before bedtime can interrupt sleep, especially for kids. The light from the screen is sending signals to their brains that keep them awake and alert. Be sure not to include screen time in your bedtime routine.


  • Ignore the delaying tactics


Kids who are just starting to follow bedtime routines usually find a way to delay bedtime by requesting a number of things. It can be another glass of milk or another bedtime story. Try to ignore and resist these requests. Your kids need to know that there are limitations in terms of following bedtime routines. Granting these requests will not only delay their bedtime but it would also help them realize that they can find more ways to bend the rules.

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