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5 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Solid Surfaces

Traditional homeowners are still keen on using countertops made of usual materials like marble and glass. But there are modern homeowners who are open and willing to try different materials to make their home look modern and updated, and that includes using solid surfaces.

If you are not convinced about making the switch to solid surfaces, here is a list of reasons that might help change your mind and contact a credible solid surface manufacturer ASAP:

  • Keeps bacteria away

This is important, especially if you are using this material in kitchens and bathrooms. Countertop materials like granite has high porosity quality, making it prone to bacteria infestation and accumulation.  Solid surfaces are nearly non-porous and therefore not that susceptible to bacterial infestation. This material is perfect for space where food is being prepared or where there are kids.

  • Aesthetically-pleasing

One of the key benefits of solid surfaces is that it can give the space an air of sophistication. Solid surface are homogenous in nature. Meaning, it can go all the way through, making it more visually-appealing for users. It would look better than laminate and ceramic tiles. It would look good in any space, plus, it can add a modern vibe to your room.

  • Malleable

Another reason why there are a number of homeowners that are making a switch to solid surfaces is because of its malleability. Unlike other countertop materials, solid surface has the ability to be molded to create interesting shapes and forms that will meet the distinct design shape of the client. You will be able to create unique amenities that will aesthetically meet the preference of the client but will still functions well in the space.

  • Easy to maintain and repair

Another benefits of solid surfaces is that, it is quite easy to repair. There will be instances where the user will scratch the material. But no need to worry. Even you can do your own remedy should you scratch your solid surface countertop. Using orbital sander and sand paper, you can make the scratches disappear on your own.

  • Durable and sustainable

Although solid surfaces are not as sturdy as other countertop materials, it is durable on its own way. The fact that it is easy to repair would mean that you will be able to use the material for a very long time, given that you care for it the right way.

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