What is renewable energy and why it is important?

If you don’t know already, a major portion of the world’s current energy requirements is being fulfilled by burning fossil fuels. On the one hand, our global energy requirements are increasing with each passing day, while on the other hand, fossil fuel reserves are decreasing at a very high speed. Worst part of the situation is that our lives depend heavily on energy these days. Imaging just a few hours without energy is enough for us to understand the intensity of the situation and the need to look for alternative sources of energy generation.

Moreover, burning fossil fuels is causing severe environmental threats to the world. When we burn fossil fuels, we silently contribute towards increasing the carbon footprints in our atmosphere. The increasing amount of carbon in the atmosphere is causing serious damage to the ecosystem as it is considered one of the major factors that are responsible for global warming.

Realizing the situation and to opt for eco-friendly sources of energy generation, more and more people are now turning towards the utilization of the green sources of the renewable energy in UAE. As we mentioned above, we are burning fossil fuels at a very high speed which is resulting in decrease in the fossil fuel reserves that will turn into an unavoidable energy crisis in the future. This makes it essential for us to find reliable sources of energy generation that could fulfill our energy requirements effectively once we are sort of fossil fuels.

One of the most effective and popular sources of renewable energy that we are using currently is the utilization of sun light for energy generation. By installing solar panels in UAE to fulfill the energy requirements of your home, office or industry, you can now generate free electricity for years. Moreover, by using a renewable energy source you will also be contributing your share in the protection of our environment. Best thing about solar energy is that we do not need to worry about the availability of sun light as it will be there for billions of years to provide us a reliable source of energy generation.

On the whole, it is high time for us to increase the use of renewable energy sources to fulfill our energy requirements and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which will not be available for us forever. Above all, we will be in the position to better protect our environment and ecosystem by shifting to the renewable sources of energy generation.

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