5 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Avoiding School

For some kids, school is a fun environment where they can play and learn. But some kids may think otherwise. School avoidance is a common problem and an ongoing challenge amongst parents. Some kids even feign sickness just to avoid going to school. If this happens often, there might be a reason behind this attitude.

To resolve this issue, parents need to know the root cause of the problem so they can provide an appropriate solution and make their kids interested in school again. School authorities in a nursery in Mussafah Shabia provided a list of common reasons why kids hate school:


  • School bullies


There are a lot of cases of school avoidance that can be attributed to school bullying. When a child becomes scared of someone in the school, his/her tendency is to avoid the person and the conflict, hence, avoiding school at all cost. If you think that bullying is the main cause of your kid’s negative behavior towards school, make an appointment with the school administrators regarding the problem. In this case, intervention is necessary to resolve the conflict.


  • Having a hard time dealing with teachers


Some students grow up having irrational fears of their teachers. It can be due to past traumatic experiences involving their instructors or due to parents using teachers as part of disciplining their kids. Strict teachers can also scare and overwhelm the kids. If this is the case, you can have a talk with your kid’s teacher and tell him/her the situation and both parties will provide suggestions on how to resolve this matter. Every nursery in Dubai International City allots a homeroom time for parents and teachers to discuss the students’ performance and other matters concerning the student.

  • Having a hard time understanding the lessons


Difficulty in understanding the lessons may also be a factor for your kid’s negative perception of his/her school. School lessons and assignments might be too overwhelming for your kids that they opt to skip school instead. If your kid is having a hard time dealing with lessons, help him/her understand it better. It would be best if you can instill a study habit or technique that would help him/her understand his/her lessons.

  • Find school uninteresting


For some students, school is just plain boring and not worthy of their time. To get them interested again in school, encourage them to join after-school activities. When they are doing something interesting in school, they will be more engaged and more eager to attend their classes.

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