5 Hacks On Planning A Last-Minute Surprise Party

Throwing a last-minute party can be overwhelming and taxing. With so little time to prepare and so many things to mind, it is hard to wrap around your head on which party-planning things you need to do first.

But do not panic. If you become in-charge of throwing a rush party for someone special, here are some quick party-planning hacks that you can follow:

  1. Rally the people

When you have little time to spare, creating and designing a fancy invitation would not cut it. It would be best to reach out to as many people as you can using the alternatives – social media and emails. You can simply create an event or a chat group on Facebook to invite people. You can also send an e-invitation to those who are not active in social media. Be straightforward with your invitation and send them the details of the party.

  1. Opt for a simple décor

Of course, a party is not complete without decorations. But if you are working against the clock, making intricate table napkin design is not the way to go. Given the time limitations, you need to go for something easy and ready-made. There are off-the-rack party decors available in supermarket and malls. If you want to add some freshness to your party décor, you can also order flowers online in Dubai and make them your table centerpieces.

  1. Cook something that is easy to prepare

Preparing the food for a last-minute party can be nerve-wracking. But be calm. If you don’t have time to cook, you can always ask a caterer to do it for you. But expect that there will be additional charges due to the time element. But if you are keen on preparing the meal yourself, opt for party dishes that are easy to prepare and not too complicated to cook.

  1. Get the rest online

Cooking the meals would definitely take up your time and you will not be able to spare some baking the cake or the sweet treats. The best option for this is to order the cake online in Dubai. There are some pastry and gift shops that can deliver these sweet treats on your doorstep in no time. You can either choose a ready-made pastry, or have the baker customized it for an additional fee.

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