4 Things You Need To Remember When Renting A Vehicle

When you are out on an overseas trip, renting a car would be the best option. Although using the public transportation is not a bad idea, a rented car can take you to places that a public bus or taxi can’t reach. But before you book your SUV rental in Dubai, you probably need to know some things about car rentals.

If you are in the process of booking, here are some tips and pointers that might be able to help you out:

  1. Know the travel policies

One of the things that you need to do when you are traveling or going to rent a Range Rover in Dubai is to know the travel policies being imposed in the city or country you are visiting. Some locations are giving tourist specific rules to follow when they roam around the city or driving a vehicle in certain jurisdiction. Knowing the laws and regulations would save from getting into trouble with the authorities, especially when you are driving a rented car.

  1. Read your car insurance policy

Most travelers are not very particular in checking their car insurance policy, especially when driving a rented vehicle. You need to know when your rented car insurance would start, what are the scope and stipulations, and what the limitations are. Knowing the details of your rented car insurance policy would help be aware of the dos and don’ts and will also remind you to be careful out there. You need to remember that once you rent a vehicle, it is your responsibility to take good care of that ride until you return it to the rental shop.

  1. Keep your receipts

Some car rental companies require their clients to return the vehicle full tank or they must pay for the gas mileage used. Of course, the former is much cheaper. Be sure to keep the gas receipts with you until you return the vehicle. Most of the time, car rental companies asked for proof, like the receipts.

  1. Do not be late

As mentioned, you need to remember that you are driving a rented car, not your own vehicle. Most car rental companies charge their clients when they returned it way too late or beyond the grace period. Be sure to check the agreement, especially the specific time and duration of the car rental. If you know that you will be returning it late, call the car rental company ASAP. You might be able to negotiate the additional charges if the car rental company is informed immediately.


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