Discover Train Travel with Ana Flores – Part I

Ana describes her Amtrak trip in her own words: “Our family’s motto has definitely become ‘Invest in experiences, not stuff.’ And we do everything we can to live by it. Traveling is not only one of the most life-altering experiences there is because it exposes you to the unknown y experiencias inolvidables, but it’s also a valuable teaching tool and bonding experience with kids. For us, travel is a particularly important tool in our mission to raise a healthy bilingual and bicultural girl by introducing her to new experiences, languages, people, food and places. Even a trip within our state of California to discover new places is such a fabulous experience and made even more special by going on our first train ride together! Enjoy these videos of me […]

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Amtrak + OUT100 – Meet Danielle Moodie-Mills

Meet Danielle Moodie-Mills, the creator of BLIS.FM’s “Politini” and CEO of Politini Media, as she prepares for her trip from Washington, D.C. to New York City to attend the OUT100 Gala in celebration of her wife, Aisha Moodie-Mills, a 2015 honoree. Aisha is the President and CEO of the Victory Fund and Institute, and on the night of the gala she will be off at the Rockwood Leadership Institute furthering the work that she and Danielle do to advocate for LGBT rights, but Danielle won’t miss a beat from the comfortable and connected environment of the train. She can keep in touch with her wife, her colleagues and her followers via AmtrakConnect Wifi throughout the journey.

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Amtrak + Jenny Castillo for iHeart Fiesta Latina: Part One – The Adventure Begins!

Meet radio personality Jenny Castillo as she and her family prepare for their Amtrak trip to Miami for iHeart Fiesta Latina

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Meet Jenny Castillo, from Rumba 100.3, as she and her family prepare for their very first ride with Amtrak! As a Florida native she is very excited to be riding from Orlando to Miami for the 2015 iHeart Fiesta Latina. Jenny will be joined by her family and they are all anticipating a great ride down together without the stress of driving or flying. Join us to share their journey, and see you all there!

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Our Future in Spanish

Every time I look at a map of the United States, I always think the same thing: Where will Artie go?

My daughter is only two and a half, but with every new word she learns and new activity she gravitates to, I can’t help but imagine her future — where she’ll go to college, where she’ll settle, where she’ll make her mark.

And I also think how, by the time she’s 18, the Latino population will have doubled, according to estimates, and how, because of that (and because non-Latinos are learning in droves), speaking Spanish will be an even bigger part of the fabric of the nation than it already is. At a time when prime-time Spanish-language TV often beats its English-language counterpart, there’s every reason to believe that Spanish […]

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Opened My Eyes and Changed My Mind!

After watching different political networks, such as MSNBC and CNN, and listening to my parents’ viewpoints about politics, you can say that I was not fond of things political.

When the opportunity came to take a trip to Washington DC for “Spelman on the Hill,” I thought I had nothing to lose. Spelman on the Hill is a program that gives Spelman College students the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to participate in a multitude of networking events, civic engagement and advocacy. While applying to the program, I kept reminding myself this would be an opportunity to learn how to participate in advocacy and a career on Capitol Hill.

When I was accepted, I knew it would be an opportunity for growth. As the trip drew closer, my anticipation and […]

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