Un viaje romántico en tren es el regalo perfecto

Llegó la hora de ese flechazo anual y los planes para una celebración amorosa perfecta.  ¿Y por qué no le agregamos un toque de aventura a esas flores, chocolates y cenas?  Un viaje romántico en los trenes de Amtrak es el regalo perfecto para los enamorados.

Cuando pensamos en el romance, queremos aventura y misterio.  Casi siempre nos vienen a la mente esas novelas y películas donde los personajes principales se encontraban en trenes, dándose una escapadita secreta de su rutina cotidiana. Viajaban con su ser querido o a veces solos, buscando aventura – y quizás a conocer un extraño que se convertiría en parte de su vida. Te propongo que tomes uno de mis viajes románticos favoritos en tren.

El romance a la antigua y estilo “arte deco:” el tren […]

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    #MYLEGACY: Carolyn Malachi & The Curators of Hip Hop 2016 Tour

#MYLEGACY: Carolyn Malachi & The Curators of Hip Hop 2016 Tour

This week we’re welcoming DC-based vocalist Carolyn Malachi aboard the Crescent to Atlanta, Georgia.

Carolyn is a genre-bending artist who embodies the positive impact that she aims to have on her listeners. Over the masterful sounds of jazz, go-go and R&B achieved by her band, Carolyn’s lyrics encourage her followers to respect the stories of those who came before and leave a legacy for those who come after. Her ultimate goal is for her listeners to feel free to be themselves — whether they experience her music at a live show or in their headphones.

In Atlanta, Carolyn will be a featured guest of The Curators of Hip Hop’s “My Legacy” Tour presentation at Morehouse College on February 11 and 12. The mission of the 2016 My Legacy Tour is to […]

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Calling All History Buffs!

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to take some time to reflect on the many historical destinations across this great country that honor African American culture, and commemorate the amazing accomplishments of civil rights leaders and their contributions to our nation’s progress.

Starting in New York? No problem. Ride the Crescent! But first, while in the city, look through the Paul Robeson Home, the preserved residence of a Renaissance man decades ahead of his time who stirred controversy with his outspoken political beliefs and who challenged thinkers throughout the world.

Make a pit stop in our nation’s capital to visit the many famous and prestigious historical sites that Washington DC has to offer. But don’t stop there! Farther south, there are lots of fascinating treasures to discover.

Continue on […]

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Celebrating 15 Years of Acela

Did you know Acela Express is celebrating fifteen years of high-speed rail service? We’re very proud of 15 years providing customers with fast, reliable, comfortable service that lets them be productive along the way. No wonder more than 42 million customers have chosen to travel with Acela since 2000!

To commemorate this landmark, we’re giving away prizes to thank our loyal customers for choosing Amtrak. Look for your chance to win prizes such as, round-trip tickets and Amtrak Guest Rewards points on board Acela trains, in our stations, in sports arenas along the route and of course through our social media.

Amtrak Guest Rewards members can earn free travel on Acela when you take three qualifying round trips between January 5th and February 29th. So hurry and take advantage of […]

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Mi ritmo: Exploring Afro-Latino music in the US

One of my earliest memories is of my father in his element behind his turntables, blasting his music as I attempted to fall asleep. My Dad, the DJ, has always been passionate about music, and naturally passed this on to my brothers and me. He made it a point to give us a peek into the artists behind the music, the history behind the production of different hits and memories from his childhood in which music, as it does for all of us, contributed to the soundtrack of his life.

As a Bronx native, he is part of the generation that lived through the Soul and Disco era of the 70s, and witnessed the makings of what we all know as Hip-Hop today. My Dad grew up in what many […]

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