Another Side of Nashville


Music is the first thing that used to come to mind when the city of Nashville was mentioned to me in the past. Not black history, not really. Tennessee’s capital city owns all of the bragging rights to its musical heritage. A trip there reveals that, quiet as it’s kept, throughout its 218 years, African Americans have contributed greatly to the city’s rich history and culture, with the black presence found in small, tucked-away artifacts and within the walls of centuries-old buildings. Nashville does not so much shout its black history as slowly reveal it.

To the many of us on the trail of history, nothing is more satisfying than artifacts — the objects, relics and handiwork that say someone lived once, existed. About 20 minutes from downtown […]

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Celebrate Art and Soul in Indianapolis

A prominent saying in the Hoosier State declares, “There’s more than corn in Indiana.” Indianapolis, the state capital, is living proof of this fact. The city is culturally rich in festivities during Black History Month. Tourists traveling during this season can engage in cultural activities at Art and Soul, and also experience the historical amenities of the twelfth largest city in the country. As an Indiana native, the city always feels like home to me and the thousands who visit each year. I share some exciting tourist attractions, great dining and shopping in the Circle City to help you partake in this month-long celebration.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis plans activities every February to commemorate African American art and artists in Indiana that feature music, poetry, storytelling, dance and visual […]

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A Valentine Date with ’Naptown History

Every Black History Month, it can’t help but feel that we are getting the same tales and perspectives given to us, year after year. We learn of Dr. King, get interesting perspectives of President Lincoln “freeing” black slaves and, if we’re lucky, some networks will squeeze in Malcolm X between annual airings of Roots. Yet, this past President’s Day weekend, I was reminded just how much of black history the textbooks and cable TV stations never shed light upon. I traveled down from Westchester, New York, to Washington, DC, to take part in the 5th Annual African American Heritage Tour: “Our Annapolis Roots to Freedom.”

Presented by The Washington Informer, Amtrak, Bank of America, Pepco and Southwest Airlines, six buses were filled with citizens of all ages taking pride in […]

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    Break The Ice: Tips on when, where and how to ski from one novice to another

Break The Ice: Tips on when, where and how to ski from one novice to another

I had never stepped foot into a ski a day in my life prior to last April when I tackled one of the largest and most famous ski areas in the world: The French Alps.

The brisk air, powdery snow and enchanting snowcapped mountains really opened my mind to the physical and mental benefits of skiing and the possibility of actually making it a hobby. The idea of doing anything new can be daunting, let alone skiing. The gear, the equipment, and the cost are enough to scare away even the most daring adventurer. But there are fun, cost-effective ways to learn and enjoy the sport without having to spend a grip or cross an ocean.

Here are five tips on how to prepare for your first ski adventure.

1. Don’t Buy […]

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Minneapolis Sounds Off

In 1984, a little man with a mustache, mischievous smile, bedroom eyes, tight leather pants and a purple motorcycle rolled onto the silver screen putting a city, now known as a Midwest training ground for hip hop and indie rock music, on the map.

Back when Prince made his acting debut in Purple Rain, he deliberately spotlighted the Minneapolis landmark he started his career in: First Avenue, a live music venue for brimming talent and international superstars that is still relevant to today’s music scene. Prince unveiled the “Minneapolis sound” to the world.

But long before Prince was making it rain in Minneapolis, there were dozens of funk, rock and soul bands that crystalized in this cultural hub. “Purple Snow” is a compilation by Numero Group of ‘almost […]

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